# UPlanet : a Planetary Blockchain recorded on Interplanetary Filesystem UPlanet is a grid and signature-based distributed information system where data is refined through the web of trust. --- ## Take place on UPlanet [![](https://ipfs.copylaradio.com/ipfs/QmZYv7kixfuKotiGLYVmDoEbeCV2UnLTGjqaGjMSkqgdMZ)](https://tube.p2p.legal/w/uYKwC77KU5XiJZ76QEz67r) Recevez votre "Passeport Diplomatique Libre" Utilisez ses "secrets" pour créer votre portefeuille sur "Cesium" --- | **(Ğ1)** | Android | Apple | | ------- | ------ | ------ | | **Cesium** | [![](https://ipfs.copylaradio.com/ipfs/QmXExw6Sh4o4rSjBQjU9PGU7BCGwb1jybrKEeaZGUNRCRE)](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.duniter.cesium) | [![](https://ipfs.copylaradio.com/ipfs/QmP3qwEnVX9zSsyKAwuH6nhDPfrRoMbAfszrtdkLGgo7LQ)](https://apps.apple.com/app/cesium-%C4%9F1/id1471028018) | Installez la version qui vous convient... --- # https://monnaie-libre.fr/ **La June est le 1er "opérateur" qui propose le forfait illimité.** Essayez le calculateur ""[G1Forfait](http://ipfs.asycn.io/ipfs/QmbyMrzK4Yfa8mwVmLjLQXH6YKULzWECAPd743BmJDxfDq/?pif=33&paf=999)"" pour exporter/importer facilement des "DU" --- [![](http://ipfs.copylaradio.com/ipfs/QmYTXc6jGKZa78v71c6crPTS6ETcvoLVz2U6t4J2fsYKge)](https://ipfs.copylaradio.com/ipfs/QmRzJmDwFrnAocFbnjQ6iW9cEeLSekQDQpjn98cKy4Ud7e) "World Wot Map 2" --- # UPlanet ([FR](/p/UPlanet_HELP_FR)) > a "Web3 DApp" by [Les Chatons de l'Espaces](/p/chaton.g1sms.fr) -> [AIDE](/p/Astroport_AIDE#/)... --- Navigate seamlessly through the cosmos of distributed data. Zoom into grid levels from the whole planet to 10°, 1°, 0.1°, and finally, 0.01°. --- :rocket: **Astroport.ONE** > **A paradygm shift in TRUST & DATA STORAGE** > a GAME where PLANET and U play TOGETHER --- :tokyo_tower: Utilizing **IPFS** (InterPlanetary File System), **Astroport** introduces a master boot record (MBR) and an allocation table to data written in **Tiddlywiki**. --- :information_source: A daily process analyzes new **Tiddlers**, detecting and resolving conflicts based on the number of unique signatures UMap 0.01°: Resolved with at least 1 signature Sector 0.1°: Resolved with more than 3 signatures Region 1°: Resolved with more than 12 signatures Grid 10°: Resolved with more than 144 signatures UPlanet : Resolved with 20.736 or more signatures --- ## **Secured Swarm** Determined "Boostrap Stations" handles UPlanet blockchains update. They are administered by people linked through OpenPGP / SSH Web of trust. Different UPlanet(s) can run in different swarm. --- ## Then You can just enjoy our free TiddlyWiki hosting. Then experiment our coin rewarded pining service by copying a Tiddler in your TW. Finaly you can join a collective of alternative, transparent, open, neutral and supportive hosting providers.